request: alternative bitstream to use Epiphany as the CPU

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request: alternative bitstream to use Epiphany as the CPU

Postby Gravis » Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:57 pm

I would like a FPGA bitstream that...
- on boot would read the SD card and load programs for each core that there is a program for and then activate the cores that were loaded (if any)
- maps devices to memory with some rudimentary interface for each device (like having simple interface to tell the HDMI interface to blit a section of RAM)
- provides a simple GDB server interface over a (non-memory mapped) USB serial interface. (allows for full control over the epiphany too)

This would allow people to...
- develop for the Epiphany on there own computers and not have load it to the ARM first <-- I know i'm not the only one that wants this.
- develop using dedicated devices (ethernet/HDMI/etc) directly with the Epiphany as they may with a future custom PCB
- develop programs that need higher speed access than the ARM can provide (software routing comes to mind)

I think the Epiphany would be great as a CPU given it has a multi-interface companion chip and thus wish to use it as such.

I'm aware my Adapteva bros are busy but when there is time or if someone else wants to, making this bitstream available to everyone would be awesome.
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