Device types enabled in PAL so far

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Device types enabled in PAL so far

Postby imrehg » Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:23 am

I was checking out PAL while being away from my Parallella, and tried to get the "examples/base/simple_example" to run. It did not work with the DEMO device type, and looked into what device types are available (listed in "pal_base.h"):

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#define P_DEV_EPIPHANY 0x01
#define P_DEV_GRID 0x02
#define P_DEV_SMP 0x03
#define P_DEV_FPGA 0x04
#define P_DEV_GPU 0x05
#define P_DEV_DEMO 0x06

Since I'm on a normal desktop, tried to run run it with
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dev0 = p_init(P_DEV_SMP, 0);

but this and (and every other type too) returns with an ENOSYS, probably meaning that the device type is not compiled in?

In "src/base/devices/" I can see epiphany but nothing else. Does it mean that all the other device types don't actually exist yet, even if they are mentioned in the header and all the codes? In "sys/base/boilerplate.c" I see a bunch of conditional defines like "#if ENABLE_DEV_SMP", but "./configure" does not have a switch for that (only to enable epiphany).

Have I missed anything? What would it need to add any new device to PAL?
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