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Measuring Resonance w/Analog Unit

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:29 pm
by stealthpaladin
Alright I'm going to add one more post to get this sub-forum started. I sincerely doubt I'll have time to actually due extensive work in all the projects I'd like to use the board for myself. I hope some of these ideas can spurn some better ideas from the community =)

Resonance is a topic of interest in the physics community. Essentially waves can propagate through a material lattice to cause vibrations. These vibrations have a variety of interesting effects. They also imply lots of things about the nature of matter and we're still learning about this subject. Most devices capable of strong analysis of resonance need to pay attention to very fine-grained details in an otherwise highly uniform situation.

Essentially I'd like to start off with a very simplistic projects trying to observe differentials in electrical fields given off by quartz when resonated. Based on this I hope to simply learn more about the nature of resonance and incorporate concepts into my other projects, namely a rendering engine.