3D scenegraph generator

3D scenegraph generator

Postby stealthpaladin » Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:01 pm

Given video, radio, audio and/or a collective of 'natural' input signals, one can fairly easily construct various scenegraphs. I think it has long been known to be rather useful, but the hardware has not been available at a convenient level to be something most people think of making.

One can extract dimensional data from signals based on any waveform (such as emf, light or sound) to triangulate or otherwise map some for of topology or geometry. Lots of equations have already been translated and, if your head is in it long enough, it's not too difficult to do yourself as a programmer. The best thing here is that simply taking more samples can constantly increase the resolution of the scene and/or apply some offset to it's primary form.

The obvious example of this to me: I hook my cell phone camera to my Parallella and walk around a bit. On-screen I see my room, desk, and items on it form more and more into photo-realistic 3D models. Similarly you could expose the same app to a Sonar and provide a similar, though less colorful graphing. All that is needed is to allow the algorithm to 'dilate' (as in eyeballs) to the signal - this literally due to particularly radial nature of the algorithm set I tend to use.
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