Quantum Chromodynamics Simulation

Quantum Chromodynamics Simulation

Postby stealthpaladin » Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:49 pm

Regarding personal research, I've been working on a rendering engine for some years now. In the late 90s I reached a point in programming where lack of certain hardware became painfully obvious. It also became pretty obvious that computers were headed that direction in some form or another.

First I'd been playing around with more-or-less voxels that had been vectorized by a quirky algorithm I made. Eventually this turned a bit more serious than a hobby as I grew more and more interested in quantum physics and chromatic lattice structures. From a data-as-light, programmer perspective it's just great.

At this point what I'm dealing with is moduli spaces of multi-dimensional fields expressing reactions. Now right off hand I know it'll be very very convenient for me to shoot lattice spaces through the FPGAs. I can almost treat those values as an 'index' to whatever field shenanigans may be going on in the Epiphany. At least at first glance this is my thinking.

Porting my simulator would be really helpful in actually using this project for something(s) useful, other than getting really neat graphic renderings of materials. If I can abstract it to fit the design pattern, it could well become scalable and I could apply quantum estimations to sensor data instead of relying as heavily on OpenCV. That would be..pretty nice.
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