NSP (scilab clone) computing software ported to parallella

NSP (scilab clone) computing software ported to parallella

Postby mgrecki » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:27 am

I have compiled the NSP (successor of scilab/scilabgtk/scicoslab - https://cermics.enpc.fr/~jpc/nsp-tiddly/) software on parallella and it runs nicely. It is open source Matlab/Simulink equivalent. The adaptation of original sources is easy and quick. Instruction what must be done is under https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic ... 9TbMCzPmG0. In the future, the maintainers of NSP probably adjust the NSP sources for our platform.
The compilation requires to install some additional packages before (the configure script gives hints what shall be installed). In case of problems I declare help and additional information.
NSP itself is a very nice piece of software running on arm cores of Zynx. I have written also simple wrapper to epiphany functions. I will publish them in the near future when I have time to polish it a bit.
BTW. I was also able to compile an older version of this nice project (scicoslab) with similar tricks and also I have a wrapper for epiphany libs. But since scicoslab development is suspended and NSP is preferred, then it is of little interest in my opinion. But if I am wrong I can also contribute to that.
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