can you put a Forth compiler into each DSP core?

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Re: can you put a Forth compiler into each DSP core?

Postby svartalf » Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:02 pm

ASterbini wrote:(from a recent Parallella owner)
While I was looking for a mips forth to put on the Epiphany cores
I found gForth (with metacompiler and cross compiler) and mips-forth,
a threaded forth implemented for the Spim simulator.

Has anybody tried to put gForth on Epiphany?

No. I'll be honest, you're better off trying to implement in hand-tuned assembly- because gForth's going to be a bit largish being compiled from C code. Since I've not looked closely at the assembly architecture, unless there's something there to make Threading "easier" and to manage a stack, Forth's actually going to be a PAIN on it. More to the point, unless you've got good constructs for doing parallel programming in your dictionary, it's of less use than one would think
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