replacing zynq chip on parallella desktop!

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replacing zynq chip on parallella desktop!

Postby voyager » Tue May 22, 2018 8:10 pm

Hi I have 2 of parallella desktop board with XC7Z010 fpga! and want to know can I replace them with XC7Z020 type for more free resources?!
does anybody know is it possible for pin compatibility and other issues like decoupling caps and so on! I mean is there any difference in parallella boards with this two type of fpga's after chip itself?
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Re: replacing zynq chip on parallella desktop!

Postby MatthiasP » Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:01 am

Hi voyager,

I am propably running in the same issue. The stock of parallella boads with Zynq 7020 is nearly zero, in contrast to the 7010 versions (11th September 2018)

Manifacturer No.Descriptionavail. quantity

I had a look at the forum and at the schematic and pinout of 7020 and 7010 and they should be identical.
The powerup sequence and therefore the first stage bootloader seems to be the same. The difference comes only from the fpga pl part. Page 3 Note 1 states that Zynq devices with the same package are pin to pin compatible.
And the epiphany processor is connected in the 7010 and 7020 the same way (looked at the fpga project).
So in my humble opinion you can try to resolder the zynq chip - which is not that cheap in at that low quantity. I would be very interested if you are successful!
And maybe you run into other issues, like bottom side components falling of the board while heating - I hope you have that in mind.

Best regards
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