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ERSA-NVIDIA AWARD for “Best Young Entrepreneur”

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:01 pm
by toomas
I’d like you to call Parallella Community to send in proposals for “Best Young Entrepreneur” award. Young entrepreneurs and academics with a great product/project, who are building up a new company or research group, are invited to present their solutions.

Award ceremony at ERSA/WORLDCOMP conference
July 22, 2013, Hotel Tropicana, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
We anticipate having about 2,000 participants.

"Von Neumann's architecture lasted for 75 years.
That genius can no longer lead us into the new age of computing that is upon us.
This competition seeks to acknowledge those pioneers that are helping to build the new computing landscape"

Submission of Proposals for ERSA-NVIDIA award Candidates
Deadline: May 6, 2013

Send proposals to

The Award is devoted for entrepreneurs developing tools, advanced technologies and opportunities for supporting applications, both academic and commercial, across broad area of high-performance, embedded systems implemented as multicore systems and reconfigurable heterogeneous parallel processing systems.

Whether the applications deal with health information, mobile devices, sensor grids, business analytics, cyber-security, telecommunications, embedded systems, or high-performance computing in scientific research and finance -- the new applications of computing technology continue to amaze with their possibilities, and entrepreneurship should be promoted.

The Award Committee includes:

Leading Universities
o Stanford University, USA, Prof. Michael Flynn
o Imperial College London, UK, Prof. Wayne Luk
o Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, Prof. Joerg Henkel
o Keio University, Japan, Prof. Hideharu Amano
o Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, Prof. Simon See

Leading Companies
o NVIDIA, Can Ozdoruk, Product Manager
o Altera, Steve Casselmanm, Principal Engineer
o National Instruments, Hugo Andrade, Principal Architect

Who can be a candidate?
Who can propose candidates?
What should the Proposals contain?

Time Schedule

Read more from:

Toomas P Plaks
ERSA Chair
London, UK

Re: ERSA-NVIDIA AWARD for “Best Young Entrepreneur”

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 4:03 pm
by toomas
Note, Monday, May 6 is the last day for proposals.
People from Parallella Community are particularly invited to submit proposals, as their work fits well to the topics of ERSA-NVIDIA award.


Visit also ERSA conference:
and the journal “Application Developers’ News”

Re: ERSA-NVIDIA AWARD for “Best Young Entrepreneur”

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 4:10 pm
by toomas
We will continue to accept proposal until the end of May.

Note, the award is for best young entrepreneur, not for best student work.

All great products, projects by Parallella Community are welcome!

For inquiries, contact by email:


Re: ERSA-NVIDIA AWARD for “Best Young Entrepreneur”

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 5:13 pm
by toomas
The submission Deadline is May 31.

You have yet time.

For inquires: