sd card emulation

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sd card emulation

Postby e97 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:50 am

Hi, I'm attempting to emulate an SD card in FPGA - with “data” stored over USB on host PC.

I’m testing single board computers and wearing out SD card by constantly flashing them with different builds, not to mention it tiring to keep swapping cards in & out. So => emulate and SD card and “store” the data on a host pc connected via USB.


microSD interface <— FPGA —> USB <——> Host computer with SSD storage

I will be using the SD 4-bit interface and would like to hit transfer speeds > 50MB/s, the clock should be ~100Mhz (UHS-I Ultra High Speed support including 104Mbyte/sec (SDR104) and Double Data Rate (DDR50)).

From Xilinx site : this IP seems to do exactly that and supports the Zynq-7000

is this possible with the Zynq on board the parallella?
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