How to set_property for my IP in oh

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How to set_property for my IP in oh

Postby jimmystone » Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:08 pm

Hi, All

I fork and want to a new FPGA logic as ZYNQ's accelerator.
I almost copy the example accelerator project under oh/src/accelerator, here comes the problem:
There is a reset pin in my accelerator which is high active, but Vivado 2015.2 creats IP package with
oh/common/fpga/create_ip.tcl, and set this reset as low active.

So when I build the system project, there is error when I connect a high active reset pin to my IP's reset
In fact, I should a tcl code in creat_ip.tcl
Code: Select all
set_property value ACTIVE_HIGH [ipx::get_bus_parameters POLARITY -of_objects [ipx::get_bus_interfaces rst -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]]

but this would change all other IP's reset property. Do anyone have a better idea, how can add this special setting only for my IP, no for all of them?
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