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Using M_AXI_GP0 of PS [Solved]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 12:47 pm
by a_k

I am using the Parallella FPGA design provided by Adapteva, but I have to add things to it. Do do that, I need one of the AXI master ports of the PS. There are only two (M_AXI_GP0 and M_AXI_GP1) and they are both connected to the eLink interface. I tried changing the design so that one of those two goes to an AXI Interconnect that has one input and two outputs. From there they each go to one of the two ports of the eLink interface. Can this work? I have the feeling that I have to change something in the Address Editor, but I don't know what. If it does, why isn't this the default? It's quite likely that someone needs that port. I didn't have time to test anything on the Parallella itself, but it would already be a huge help if I knew that this COULD work. Otherwise I'm debugging something for hours that couldn't have worked in the first place.


PS: I'm using Vivado 2015.2

Re: Using M_AXI_GP0 of PS

PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:48 pm
by peteasa
You can use the same axi interfaces that the elink uses by adding an axi_interconnect from the xilinx library (easiest to find from the vivado gui) or you can do as you have done and enable a new AXI bus. There is no point in adding an unused component to the fpga as default because the compiler will compile it out. Yes you have to use the address editor to select the addresses you need. I have not found a step by step tutorial for the latest tools.. other than those provided by the extensive help documents that xilinx provide.. for example if you look at pg059-axi-interconnect.pdf from xilinx it explains all about that LogiCore component, or if you look at pg082-processing-system7.pdf that tells you all about that LogiCore component. All the help is available either from the xilinx web site (google what you want and it finds a version) or it is also linked from your vivado package as part of DocNav.

I am sure you will rapidly be able to solve most problems if you keep on giving it a go! The easiest way to get familiar with what is available is to navigate the IP Cores provided in the libaries as shown in the vivado gui.. just look down the list and add to the design and checkout the configuration / description etc. Then when you find what you want look at the detail in the online pdf help files. They produce a new help file for just about every release of vivado and the also seem to change the tcl interface in about every release of vivado so plan how you are going to manage your design and upgrade etc.


Re: Using M_AXI_GP0 of PS

PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:40 am
by a_k
Thank you! I think I understand it a bit better now.