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PyOpenCL progress

Postby imrehg » Thu Jun 04, 2015 2:51 pm


I was checking out this PyOpenCL ported for Parallella: It seems to be a work in progress and marked as "DON'T WORK FOR NOW!!!". It hasn't been touched for the last 2.5 months after a few initial changes. Is there still a plan for that? Any suggestions what would it need to work?

I'm just starting to dabble in all this, so not overly familiar (or at all familiar) with a lot of things. Elsewhere on the Parallella site it mentions that OpenCL 1.1 is targeted, but just forcing PyOpenCL to 1.1 with "CL_PRETEND_VERSION = '1.1'" does not seem to be enough, so there's more than that...
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