What about an AR experimenter board for Oculus rift?

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What about an AR experimenter board for Oculus rift?

Postby Veqtor » Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:21 pm

So, I've been thinking, it's really expensive to get into AR, and by AR I mean real augumented reality, the only option right now is Meta Glasses.
A lot of people here I bet have also the Oculus Rift.
Now what if there was a daughter card that had inputs for two cheap analogue CMOS cameras (composite input, ntsc or pal)...

If interfaced directly with the FPGA it could be used to warp the camera FOV and fisheye to adjust for the rift, and AR stuff could be overlaid.
The epiphany processor could also analyse the two video feeds, and given that the distance is constant, it could possibly produce some kind of 3d reconstruction.

I think the parallella would be perfect for something like this, it's small and low-power enough to carry in a backpack and has enough power to do it.

Now, the only problem is, I suck at these tuned high-frequency board designs, anyone want to lay it out for me? :D
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